MIDI Mixer
Physical volume control
Mix app and device volumes
Adjust the volume of or mute any running app or device (including your mic) with physical hardware - no menus and no tabbing out.
Works out of the box
Preset profiles mean you can plug'n'play with supported devices and use your favourite controller from the moment you start MIDI Mixer.
Any action with any button
Set your default audio device, play/pause music, or run a custom AutoHotkey script on any button press.
A growing library of open source plugins to integrate with any other software such as Discord, OBS, or Philips Hue.
The On-Screen Display shows you exactly what you're doing with your hardware - no guessing and no menus.
Any MIDI controller
Support for any MIDI device (including homebrew arduinos) via custom sharable profiles.
Works out of the box
Maintained profile presets so you can plug'n'play with popular devices
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What users say
Good software
This is by far the best software I've used for using my MIDI devices. It can do almost everything.
NL Flag
Very useful piece of software
If you've got a midi device and want to use it to its full capabilities and integrate it beautifully into your pc workflow, this software is perfect
AE Flag
Separate volume control!
This app is amazing! You can hook up any kind of midi device and use it to control the volume of all of your apps individually just by turning a knob! I've been using it for quite a while now (before it hit the Microsoft Store) and I literally have nothing bad to say about it. The app has an active discord server where any questions are answered quickly, and the dev is a great person who's open to any suggestions! It's easy to use for those who aren't all that technical but for those who are there are plenty of options to play around with to get the customization you want! Great app, it's a waste of your time if you choose not to use it ;)
NL Flag
Very useful tool
I am using this mostly with a Behringer X-Touch MINI but have also used a nanoKontrol Studio. MIDI Mixer has saved my work from home life by helping mix VLC, Zoom, browser and Slack audio. It is a staple in my life now!
US Flag
Everyday piece of my setup
This has become an essential part of my desk setup. There'snothing like having hardware control of your levels. But it goesway beyond that. Control OBS, control Hue, keybinds, switchoutputs, mute sources, run files etc etc. and you have thechoice of how cheap or expensive the controller you use is. MidiMixer is effin awesome. 11/10
US Flag
life saver
IN Flag
Works flawless with my Korg Nanoknontrol 2 for about 6 months now. I mainly use it to change the volume of applications and to change the sound output device. Great UI, active Discord server are some other positive points.
NL Flag
Every tech enthusiast needs this
This is an essential part of my workflow, and having easy access to control volume levels, media controls, OBS, and more, makes my job and experience at my computer 100x easier. There are virtually no bugs, it is responsive, it does not hog more resources than necessary, and connects with almost any MIDI device. If you want to make your own MIDI device, they give you the ability to code the interaction yourself. And if that is not good enough for you, you can use someone else's code for the interaction. If you can't figure out how to accomplish something with this (like reactive lighting on your KORG nanoKONTROL 2), chances are someone has already, and has posted it in their community Discord. Their support team is by far the most helpful, hardworking, and genuine team of people I have ever met. If you have even the smallest struggle with this software, join their Discord. They will sort you out. By far the most essential app on my computer. 100% would recommend.
US Flag
Game changer
Control the Volume mixer through a physical device changed my life (no kidding!). 6/5 would download again.
FR Flag
Incredibly useful
RU Flag
I love it
Thanks Jack for this awesome tool ❤️
IT Flag
Most useful midi controller software ever
Exactly what I was looking for. Per-app sound control and keypress bindings for midi controller. Man you are awesome.
US Flag
Must have if u own MIDI controller
Thank you for this wonderful program! It is very useful, easy to learn and incredibly flexible! You gave a new life to my old Korg nanoKONTROL, which was not suitable for other programs.
RU Flag
Best 5/5
I take 10 min and my M-Audio Axiom Air 32 Mini works! Ty! Take care.
GB Flag
Seriously hidden gem
If you do anything streaming related this is an incredibly useful app
US Flag
Best audio control software ever.
Good community, good support, no bloatware, perfect.
FR Flag
I've looked for something like this for so long
This works great once you get it setup with an old midi controller
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