MIDI Mixer


MIDI Mixer is a piece of Windows software that enables you to connect to and control your Windows audio. You can control the audio of individual applications down to device inputs and outputs, all through whatever MIDI controller you have to hand.

It can also perform a variety of other actions (like running AutoHotkey scripts) so that you can use your MIDI device to control your entire system.

Any MIDI controller

Change the volume of - or mute - any application or device on your system and use any MIDI controller to do it.

Plug'n'play with a built-in preset, or build your own profile and customise to your needs, supporting use-cases like cross-fading apps and homebrew devices.

MIDI controllers

Custom actions

Map common actions like play/pause/stop, setting a default audio device to a key, or running any arbitrary file. This could be anything from opening a program to running an AutoHotkey script, meaning anything is possible!

Customise the function of the buttons on your MIDI controller at any time, with no delving through config files.

MIDI Mixer Profiles UI


See a visual representation of your system's audio state by hooking up motorised faders or volume indicators that update live.

Always be aware of what's making noise without having to leave the focus of your work or games.

MIDI Mixer Volume Indicator UI

See it in action

More features

  • Sharable profiles so you can quickly test out configs
  • Logarithmic volume curve for tighter control of audio levels
  • Live on-screen display when changing volumes to immediately see what's assigned
  • Run custom actions and call an AutoHotkey script or any arbitrary file from a button press
  • Set your default audio device right from the controller, letting you switch seamlessly between set-ups
  • Cross-device communication so you can use multiple controllers at the same time
  • Built-in presets so you can plug'n'play with popular devices
  • Custom profile builder so you can map your device exactly how you want it, including homebrew devices!
  • MIDI passthrough so you can use your MIDI controller with another piece of software at the same time
  • Coming Soon™ OBS integration so you can use your board to change scenes and control audio sources